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About AR Interiors

For more than ten years, Ashwini Bakare, an interior designer in Pune, has produced exquisite residences and commercial spaces. Before founding AR Interiors in Pune in 2020, she worked with reputable architects, multinational design firms, and independently managed turnkey projects. According to her clientele, Ashwini is the best interior designer in Pune.

Residential and commercial interior design projects by Pune-based AR Interiors are establishing new trends in the industry. We separate out from the burgeoning competition because to our distinctive designs and punctual project completion. One of the top interior designers in Pune, AR Interiors, focuses on original and creative concepts that may make a place look both distinctive and attractive. Think AR interiors when thinking of interiors in Pune.

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Services We Provide

Our talented interior design team has produced excellent interiors for projects with modest budgets in addition to upscale residential and commercial endeavours. Not only that, but we also have a team with expertise in landscape design for both residential and commercial projects. We offer the following services as an interior design business in Pune.

Why Choose Us?

Personalised Interior Designs

After in-depth discussions with the owners and other stakeholders, we develop each interior design. We make sure that our designs elegantly incorporate your tastes and interests while being highly functional.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in transparent pricing as one of Pune's top low-cost interior designers. We disagree with the idea that design costs should be floaty. Our design costs are predetermined at the time the estimate is created, so they are unaffected by increases in the price of labor or materials.

On Time Delivery

On time delivery is important for us. We have a record of delivering 95% of our projects on-time, with agreed terms.

Great Value

We believe in interior designs that are apt for the project. All our design recommendations are based on extensive research and done only to enhance the project look and functionality. Budget friendly interior designs do not mean compromising on quality or style, it just means doing things smartly.

In-house Design Team

We have a strong in-house design team that has worked extensively on residential and commercial projects. Our team has also worked on collaborative projects and hence are well-versed with the entire project management cycle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have a nearly 5 star rating on Google. With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google reviews, Next Step interiors is a well-respected and trusted interior designer in Pune.

Transforming your Dreams into Reality

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I think Ashwini is great: very practical, efficient as well as creative, really understood what we were trying to achieve, and came up with some lovely designs. She was really on top of everything. Hope that helps! I would happily recommend her!
I am extremely happy with the service provided by AR Interiors, and with the way our space turned out. I would highly recommend AR Interiors to anyone who is looking to renovate a commercial or retail space
We loved working with AR Interiors and would highly recommend them for their leadership and amazing customer experience. They were not only easy to work with, but were also willing to take the time to respond to our questions and concerns
Our Approach

How We Do


Requirement Analysis

We spend a lot of time understanding our customers' needs and requirements in detail. This includes knowing their lifestyle, daily routine, culture, values ​​and aesthetic requirements. We also consider space and layout, including current constraints and specific requests.

Designing & Planning

Create detailed layouts and drawings to show what you intend to do and how you are going to proceed. This includes structural, electrical, plumbing, furniture detail layout, color schemes, textures, lighting and ambiance, project planning, resource allocation, budgeting, and much more.



This is the last but very important part of the project. This includes a range of deliverables such as a set of activities to be performed, deployment of onsite resources, monitoring of execution, regular onsite visits, quality check status reporting and regular customer feedback. increase.

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